Thursday, July 23, 2009


The last time I blogged, it was about Officer Riley, our beautiful Daughter In Law, who completed her training and became a proud Police Officer. This entry, is about my wonderful husband, also a Police Officer of (now) 20+ years. When we moved to Florida 10 years ago, he continued his career as a police officer, and became a member of our local Sheriff's Department. After several years of being in patrol, he transferred to investigations. To those not familiar with law enforcement and the different positions held within the department, there are several. Road deputies that hold different ranks, officers assigned to crime scene investigations, civil investigations and service, K-9, and the list goes on. My husband, after several years "on the road" here in Florida, took a position in investigations..meaning, among other things, that he no longer had to wear a uniform and didn't drive a "marked" police vehicle. There is never a time that as an LEO's him in uniform or plain clothes, that you DON'T worry! But somehow the mind lets you breathe just a little easier when he is not so "obvious" to the criminal by not being in full uniform. Regardless of what he is or isn't wearing...I never let him leave the house without him knowing how much he is loved and cherished. He starts and ends his shift with "I love you"..and when he walks out the door to start his shift, these four deeply heartfelt words.."COME HOME TO ME". Every officer's wife is proud of her man in uniform..and every officer's wife worries until the sound of his key is heard in the door at the end of his shift. We worry, but we stand by him/her, and we learn to make the most of everything. There are countless late night shifts, missed birthdays, parties, school plays and holidays. We know all that going in..yet knowing doesn't make it any easier by any means.

But back to my husband...After 6 years of being a plain clothes officer, BT has returned to the road and is once again wearing a uniform and driving a marked police vehicle. Yes, the lump in my throat, the ache and worry in my heart, has returned with a vengence. Having been married for many years, I support his decision to make the change, yet like any other couple with good communication, I expressed my concern about the situation. That being said, I am still just as, if not more, proud of my LEO and support and love him. Perhaps my heightened concern comes from having worked in the field myself as a 911/police dispatcher. I also had the pleasure of working with BT for several years before becoming disabled and having to leave my job. So I think knowing more about the business and being involved, you have a better knowledge of what could happen.

I have attached a video link to this blog, explaining just one of the reasons why I'm not the happiest camper about his being back in uniform.

Police officers are a very special breed, that's for certain. And I am proud to be this man's wife, friend and his "go-to"... And I pray, each and every day that the Good Lord look after and protect him, and brings him home to me. Several years ago, BT gave me this poem, that he carefully decoupaged to a plaque he got from the craft store, as a Christmas gift. I love it and it has a special place on the wall in my office.

"A Police Officer's Wife"

A special kind of woman: a cut above the rest,
That's A Police Officer's Wife, rating her best.

How many good byes are whispered, joined with a fond embrace?
As duty steals her man, for the danger he must face.

How often have meals been ruined - or tender moments disturbed,
by a call for special duty, sparking loyalty un-swerved?

It's a devil of a job, for an angel like this,
Who......for the love of her man, must forsake that kiss,

She can run a garden tractor; even paint a room in need,
How she can stretch a dollar is a miracle indeed.

She's mother, lover, chauffeur and nurse,
A living symbol of: "for better or for worse."

Rich is the man, reaping his rewards in life,
Who chose to be the other half of

A Police Officer's Wife.

(Author Unknown)

No one knows what the future holds...all's we can do is live each day to it's fullest, love with all our hearts, hope that we have made a difference and pray that the Good Lord and our loved ones know how much they mean to us. Never miss the chance to tell those you love how important and loved they are!!!

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  1. Looks like your blogging is about like mine...not 'real regular' I hope it is not due to illness in the family.

    I remember thinking when this happened; "Well, it is Fountain." I hate to feel that way but having come here in the mid-seventies, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of how things are in this 'community'

    Hope all is well at your place :)