Thursday, July 23, 2009


The last time I blogged, it was about Officer Riley, our beautiful Daughter In Law, who completed her training and became a proud Police Officer. This entry, is about my wonderful husband, also a Police Officer of (now) 20+ years. When we moved to Florida 10 years ago, he continued his career as a police officer, and became a member of our local Sheriff's Department. After several years of being in patrol, he transferred to investigations. To those not familiar with law enforcement and the different positions held within the department, there are several. Road deputies that hold different ranks, officers assigned to crime scene investigations, civil investigations and service, K-9, and the list goes on. My husband, after several years "on the road" here in Florida, took a position in investigations..meaning, among other things, that he no longer had to wear a uniform and didn't drive a "marked" police vehicle. There is never a time that as an LEO's him in uniform or plain clothes, that you DON'T worry! But somehow the mind lets you breathe just a little easier when he is not so "obvious" to the criminal by not being in full uniform. Regardless of what he is or isn't wearing...I never let him leave the house without him knowing how much he is loved and cherished. He starts and ends his shift with "I love you"..and when he walks out the door to start his shift, these four deeply heartfelt words.."COME HOME TO ME". Every officer's wife is proud of her man in uniform..and every officer's wife worries until the sound of his key is heard in the door at the end of his shift. We worry, but we stand by him/her, and we learn to make the most of everything. There are countless late night shifts, missed birthdays, parties, school plays and holidays. We know all that going in..yet knowing doesn't make it any easier by any means.

But back to my husband...After 6 years of being a plain clothes officer, BT has returned to the road and is once again wearing a uniform and driving a marked police vehicle. Yes, the lump in my throat, the ache and worry in my heart, has returned with a vengence. Having been married for many years, I support his decision to make the change, yet like any other couple with good communication, I expressed my concern about the situation. That being said, I am still just as, if not more, proud of my LEO and support and love him. Perhaps my heightened concern comes from having worked in the field myself as a 911/police dispatcher. I also had the pleasure of working with BT for several years before becoming disabled and having to leave my job. So I think knowing more about the business and being involved, you have a better knowledge of what could happen.

I have attached a video link to this blog, explaining just one of the reasons why I'm not the happiest camper about his being back in uniform.

Police officers are a very special breed, that's for certain. And I am proud to be this man's wife, friend and his "go-to"... And I pray, each and every day that the Good Lord look after and protect him, and brings him home to me. Several years ago, BT gave me this poem, that he carefully decoupaged to a plaque he got from the craft store, as a Christmas gift. I love it and it has a special place on the wall in my office.

"A Police Officer's Wife"

A special kind of woman: a cut above the rest,
That's A Police Officer's Wife, rating her best.

How many good byes are whispered, joined with a fond embrace?
As duty steals her man, for the danger he must face.

How often have meals been ruined - or tender moments disturbed,
by a call for special duty, sparking loyalty un-swerved?

It's a devil of a job, for an angel like this,
Who......for the love of her man, must forsake that kiss,

She can run a garden tractor; even paint a room in need,
How she can stretch a dollar is a miracle indeed.

She's mother, lover, chauffeur and nurse,
A living symbol of: "for better or for worse."

Rich is the man, reaping his rewards in life,
Who chose to be the other half of

A Police Officer's Wife.

(Author Unknown)

No one knows what the future holds...all's we can do is live each day to it's fullest, love with all our hearts, hope that we have made a difference and pray that the Good Lord and our loved ones know how much they mean to us. Never miss the chance to tell those you love how important and loved they are!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Puppies, puppies and more puppies!!

Anyone who knows us, knows that here on the ranch it's me and my wonderful husband...along with our beloved furbabies. Our entire family... animal lovers... always have been.. My husband, a police officer, spent many years as a K9 officer, and after his "partners" retired, became permanent fixtures in the home until they crossed to the rainbow bridge. Always grateful for not just their service to the community, their loyalty to their partner (the hubby), their dedication to their training, ..but also for their love and protection to their family. You can tell a lot about how a person by how they treat their big their heart is, their personality and how they treat other people. So 99% of our friends, share our love and views of animals.

I am angry this morning. I am angry at some people I have never met, but lived not far from us. And in case you don't know the story (it was on the news), these people who lived down the road from us a couple years ago..appeared to be, on the outside, animal people. After all..they had at LEAST 16 dogs! And when these people up and disappeared (over night) and left their (rented) home in a shambles (we found out later this is how they preferred to live)..not only did they leave a mess for their landlord, but they left all the dogs behind!! I knew the dogs were there when they lived there, only because I'd have to drive down that road once or twice (it kind of wrapped around the far side of our property) when one of the cats would wander off and I'd go searching. (yes, at the time we found the wandering cat thank goodness). It wasn't until then that I saw their dogs again and could see they were wild and severely thin from hunger. Unfortunately I found out at that time, that there's no humane society or animal control or ANYTHING OR ANYONE to call about it in our county! And then one day...we woke to hear the story of these animals on the local news. The tenants had disappeared, and left behind all those dogs. No care, no food, no water..only what they could hunt and find to eat on their own. The really sad part (as if starving animals isn't sad enough), the poor starving abused animals sat...they sat, day after day, night after night, WAITING. Waiting for their owners to return for them..but return they did not. It was then that us, along with a couple other neighbors (whom we'd never seen or met) took turns dropping off huge bags of dog food and left it there for them so they wouldn't starve to death. Along with the big dogs, there were puppies galore. We personally found a few when we went over..cold and dead..and with tears, we burried them.

These dogs were wild..wild enough not to chance coming anywhere near a humane being. At least not us or the neighbors. How sad and scared they must be. But dogs are smart you know..and eventually, they figure out who is feeding them. And tho we always took the food to them..they found their way to our property..and decided to stay. According to the newscast, someone..not sure who since like I said, there's no HS or AC in this county..but they said someone had caught some of the puppies and one or two of the adults. But obviously, their owners had never heard of spay or neutering! So, as time passed, there were more puppies and more puppies. I personally sent an email a while back to one of the anchors of the news, asking what the progress was on the owners..since their original newscast said when the owners were located, they'd be charged with abandonment and abuse of these animals..I wanted to know what they'd found out..only to be told that nothing had been found out and unfortunately, they couldn't charge these people with anything now. WHY? WHAT CHANGED?

Which brings me to the two females that have stayed. Well, there was just disappeared and never returned), but the one that is here, has had her second litter of puppies (in December..and that's the second litter since being on our property..she's had many other litters before us!). Last year, when both females were here, both had a litter of puppies at the same time, under my husband's work bench in his shed, and as the saying goes...There were two..and then there were TWENTY! Two large litters! We fed them and cared for them and found those puppies homes. Now you might ask..why don't you get the female fixed! Well..the answer is..we would..IF WE COULD CATCH HER! She won't come close..she sits way out and waits for us to put out food, and only when we leave to go in the house, will she eat. We've tried everything to win her trust..nothing works. How sad. And on December 8th..she had a litter of puppies..AGAIN...and now there are six! And make matters worse..we're assuming her milk dried up and she couldn't care for we have ended up bottle feeding these puppies...and now, they are eating puppy food! We bring them in when it's cold, and during the day when it's nice..they are on our deck with a dog house filled with straw, topped by a warm old quilt and their toys.

Why? ask am I writing this LONG post about these dogs?'s simple. As I said..I'm angry at these people, because when they fled their home down the road..our lives changed forever! We've done all we can for these dogs and we do our best. (Did I mention we have 5 dogs and 3 cats of our own (all rescues) before this situation even occured?). But now..due to my health, and my husband having to's getting to be too much for me. We have found a home for one puppy, but we will have to find homes for the others..soon..very soon. But where do you go? Who do you call? When the county you live in has no animal programs like animal control or humain society? I'm angry because a month or so ago, when they reported the animals they found in the home of the woman who supposedly tried to rob the bank, it was a huge thing..the neighboring county human society, rushed in to help..and it's my belief they did so because all the dogs in that home were "DESIGNER" dogs!! Cute little known breed dogs..tiny pocket get the idea! They were adopted pronto! Now I ask..where was this same assistance when it came to these wild mixed breed dogs? Why do the designer dogs get help and not the muts? ((heavy sigh))) end this lengthly post..I'll say this...animals, dispite their owners at times..are wonderful..they give unconditional love, and how someone can mistreat or abuse them, is beyond me. If I could find those renters who left those 16 dogs, I've often thought I'd pack up all those puppies and say here ya go! You started this..they're your responsibility. But then I come to my could I allow such irresponsible people do the same thing to these precious puppies..not to mention the neighbors where they are living now?

Many times in my life...I've prefered the company of my pets to a lot of people! And I don't know those people who left these dogs....I wouldn't know them if I met them in my soup!..but I can tell you this..I'm glad I don't...because in my opinion (and I'm allowed to have one!!!) they are selfish and irresponsible and shouldn't be allowed to own a pet of any kind!!!

Am I angry..DEFINATELY! Am I asking for help with these puppies? YOU BET!!! Will we be like those people and drop them out somewhere or let them starve? NEVER!!! And on that note, I'll end here. Because the puppies are finished eating and pooping and I must go hose it off the deck before I bring them in to play for a bit and then put them back in the gated off spot between our two spare bedrooms where I've put down a big old blanket, warm out of the dryer, their toys and lots of newspaper! And then it's off to feed our 5 babies and let them out to do their business...only to start all over again in a few hours!

And the beat goes on.....
Miss Mossy!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I have always been a huge fan of old black and white well as a big fan of Alfred Hitchock. Who doesn't like a great classic like REAR WINDOW! Well..I liked it anyway. And I'm also a "people watcher"..always have been. Funny how out-right strangers can be so amusing! lol Haven't you ever thought to yourself when you see people on the street or in the mall or wherever..I wonder where they are going in such a hurry, or, I wonder why that person is smiling or the other person looks near tears. Everyone has a story. For all we know, we could be watching someone who is about to rob a bank, or a woman who just lost her best friend from breast cancer..the emotions you can see in peoples faces..the happiness or sadness in their eyes. Like your mother always told you..never judge a book by it's cover!

The internet...what an amazing thing! It never ceases to amaze me. So many things to learn and do and see. Well, this morning, while sitting with the hubbers drinking coffee, me checking email and he watching one of the many news channels he constantly has on, I caught (heard) the tail end of a story. Something about webcams and the police, with the oh so amazing DVR we have (can't say enough good things about live pause and no commercials! hehe) I said..rewind that..! They gave a web address. So..the internet person I am..went to the site to check it out. The site BTW, is This is the definition it gave when I googled it...

What is
Adam's Block? A channel on described by the broadcaster as: A day-to-day look at San Francisco's Worst Neighborhood. ...

And off I went to check it out. Two webcams in this guys window, overlooking the streets in front of his apartment building. Sure enough you can see live feed of the comings and goings of..well, people! And after listening to the story about this site...and waatching it for a few minutes..and reading the comments about dawned on me, that this website is like a MODERN DAY REAR WINDOW movie! they say such things as fights, drug deals, shootings etc can be seen on the cam. How so Alfred Hitchock! Probably, truth be told, the person (who I'm picturing as younger and tech savvy) who owns the web cams, couldn't tell you who Alfred Hitchcock is or have a clue about the movie Rear Window!

So..those are my thoughts for the day. And, my question is..does having one of these live cams like this make you nosey? Curious? And what does it make the person who watches it (other than the owner?) Granted, being able to sit in my little spot in Florida and watch someone just walk down a street across the world from me..well, I think that, in and of itself is amazing! They did mention on the news that the police are liking it...says it's helped them a lot! The bad guys caught doing something illegal..not so much liking it! lol

So..that's my post for the day...I think I shall find an old B&W movie on the old tellie and make some popcorn and say outloud (to no one there) THIS is when movies were movies! hehehe

Have a wonderfully productive day y'all!

Until next time...from Mossy Pond!

Friday, November 14, 2008


Well, today is a very sad day for sure...a horrific act of violence against an innocent person. Committed at this little family owned store pictured here.

Where we live is basically remote, but a couple miles from us on the main highway is a little store/gas station called Sylvia's. Since it takes almost an hour to get to a big store like Walmart or Winn Dixie from where we live, it is not uncommon for us to just pop in to Sylvia's to buy milk or bread or a snack. And it is always a pleasure to be greeted by the store's owner, Vish Patel. A sweet man who always asks how you are and jokes with you and is just all around nice! So hard to find these days in MHO!

Thursday night, this nice man's life was taken,.. violently. It was taken by someone, with no respect for human life or anything else I'm sure! As the news reported, Mr. Patel was walking from his home (located behind the store) to the store when approached by this man, and shot dead. They say the motive...robbery. Now I didn't know Mr. Patel personally, that surely being my loss...but he was a staple really. You stop at Sylvia's..and you left with your groceries or gas AND a smile! I've mentioned many a time to my husband how nice he (Mr. Patel) is. And then I heard this today and my heart just broke. How his family is coping is beyond recognition to me.

The person responsible is incarcerated (Thank God) and will hopefully be punhished for this. But whatever he gets, won't bring back the smile and feelings of "hey, there are still nice people in this world" feelings I got whenever I was in Sylvia's and talked to Mr. Patel. And saying that, makes me feel selfish...for I know how much greater the loss is for his family.

I am including a link here, so that you can read the story should you be so inclined.

And after reading it again, it seems there is more than one person involved. How scary.... How this can make a person feel trapped, a prisoner of fear when something like this happens so close to home. I hope and pray they catch the others involved and they too, are brought to justice.

My heart goes out to Mr. Patel's family. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. And if it weren't for knowing that Mr. Patel is in a much better world right now...I'd be all the more sad for the void his leaving has left for me and others whose lives he has touched.

May you sore with the angels Mr. Patel!

And the world continues to turn....
A heartbroken Miss Mossy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FIVE THINGS MEME...., Zipporah tagged me with the FIVE THINGS MEME...which, I might add I had to look up and see what the heck it was! lol But thank you Zip..I'll do my best! And of course, I'll be looking at yours to see how to do it! (my own answers of course silly!) here goes..Hell, I'll give it a try!


1. Dieting...HA!
2. Trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me physically
3. Was still in the first 3 year honeymoon stage
4. Still dieting...HA HA!
5. Boughtmy first cane


1. Find a place in the house for the 3 huge Ferns my dear husband bought me for Mother's Day
this year..which he knows I'll kill with my brown thumb! I'm pretty sure they don't tollerate
the cold.
2. Get my house cleaned (takes me a while! lol)
3. Make something special for the girls for Christmas
4. Make something special for the hubbers for Christmas
5. Figure out my mp3 player! (I'll be darned if I can figure out how to get those books on CD
onto the darn thing!)


1. Right now my snack of choice is very salty pretzels!
2. Fresh fruit
3. Popcorn
4. Toast
5. Cookies!

FIVE PLACES I'VE LIVED....(Shortened due to there not BEING five places!)

1. Indiana
2. Florida


1. Babysitter
2. Clerk in a paint store
3. KFC
(all the above before age 18)
4. 911 operator (until I became disabled)
5. OH WAIT....THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB OF ALL....(((((MOM)))))...Lets move that to #1
shall we!


1. ANIMAL CRUELTY...Can't and WON'T tollerate it!
2. Rudeness..people who talk over you when you're answering the question THEY asked!
3. People who drive slow in the passing lane
4. People who use the disabled carts in stores when they aren't disabled
5. Oh ..Oh..those 3X5 cards or inserts in magazines!..Hate those things!

Is that it? I think so! And since I don't have a clue to tag anyone else...consider yourself tagged if you read this!

And the beat goes on....

After all...

Well, how many days since the election? A week! Now maybe your candidate won, or maybe they didn't..but people..we are the UNITED States of America! We come together and rise to the occasion! So you know what...I'll be the first person to say..hey, give the guy a chance! My last entry showed who I voted for..but that doesn't mean I don't have the upmost respect for our Commander In Chief! Here's what I'm gonna do,...I know why I voted for John McCain..and why I didn't vote for lets just give him a chance and see if he can make things better. Lets get behind him and give him the support he needs to make all the positive changes in the world! Lets see if he is a man of his word! And if four years..your ass better be out there voting, cause like I said...if you don't vote..DON'T BITCH!

I was just telling my dear husband the other night while watching one of the (ever-on) news channels on TV...I said, Honey, can you imagine! I'll bet every single person who won an election, who became president, walked into that white house and thought HOLY SHIT! Had NO idea of what was REALLY waiting on them there! Things can't change over night! So..lets just do our part, and pray he does his part...and the rest will hopefully fall into place!

Ok..I'm an optimist. I believe in people for the most part. I believe that there is good in everyone. I believe in giving second chances and God's will. So...there ya go...that's where I am on THAT! The people have voted...the majority rules...and that's that! I put my 2 cents in before about the election..and this is my 2 cents now! Yipeee! lol

Don't we all just want WORLD PEACE?? (that said in my best Sandra Bullock!! hehe)
(((seriously tho..we do!)))

So ONWARD AND UPWARD! Anddd..ALL that jazzzz!!!!

And time marches on....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ELECTION DAY 2008 (Just my thoughts)

Well, it's finally here...ELECTION DAY!!! And as President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said..Today is a day that will live in emphamy!

And, before it's all over, I wanted to take two minutes to put my two cents worth in.
I proudly did my civic privilege as an American Citizen, to cast my vote early this past Saturday morning. I VOTED...Therefore, I can bitch! But I am not here to bitch today..just some thoughts.

I was just telling my husband, as we sat watching the election coverage on television..that I remember as a kid, watching my parents and other adults, walking down to the local fire department to cast their votes. It was just a "given"..on this voted! didn't bother anyone else who was voting, you didn't ask if they voted, which party they belonged to or who they voted for! It was just the norm. So unlike today!

I am disturbed watching all the reports of voter fraud and the reports of wrong doings. Here are just a few things that bother me.

1. That our men and women now serving overseas...their votes not counted?? WHHHHATTT????? It said that they didn't mail out their absentee ballots until it was too late. Now this is disturbing!!! Will we see on the news WHO was responsible for mailing these out and when that's known, what will be done about it? Will they WAIT for the votes of our service men and women?? Don't you think they should? Wait I mean. These wonderful men and women who are fighting for OUR freedom...they deserve to vote and have their votes count!

2. I just saw the news people at a voting place, I believe it was in PA..and there were two Black Panther members there, one with a big stick standing outside the poles. Normally..this wouldn't bother me one bit! People who are black, white, pink and orange have every right to be there..this is America people! But weilding a stick? And there must have been a problem, or the police wouldn't have asked the person to leave. And when the news person approached the remaining Black Panther a question, he got pretty snippy...saying he is suppose to be there...but the newspeople not! WHAT? Now let me express, for fear of any negative thinking, that I couldn't get 2 rats behinds what color person is standing there, as long as they are peaceful..but I can't help but think it's a double edge sword. Hell if you aren't there covering the election..hell if you are! Gimme a freakin break people!

3. I don't think I'm the only person, who heard from their parents growing are who you associate with. May not be right..but it's the facts! So..I have a hard time with someone who associates with terrorists! And don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! It scares the shit outta me! Honestly!

4. What is the big deal out there about Obama's birth certificate??? Huh??? I just don't get it! Is it it fake...I choose to believe if it wasn't real..he wouldn't be allowed to run for President of the United States. Am I naive to the extent that I don't think something like this couldn't happen? No. So show it..if it's it! All's I keep reading and hearing is it's one's business. Well EXCUSE ME people..but if you want to be President, it's MY business!

5. Sarah I think she's ready to be President, God forbid something happen to John McCain? Sure I do. Do I think she has a rough road..sure I do! She's a woman..! Qualified or not...everyone makes it harder for women! I get tired of hearing people ask how she'll do VP, have children, and a husband...when was the last time anyone asked a MALE VP OR PRESIDENT that question? It's the 21st century people..there are stay at home dad's..when's someone going to ask a MAN that question! And when was the last time you heard a "breaking story" about any of the MALE CANDIDATES wardrobe??? Again..gimme a break!

6. Mrs. disturbing to hear her say that for the first time in her life she was proud of her country!! I've ALWAYS been proud of my country. Shame on her for saying that!!! Shame!!!!

7. Who am I voting for you ask?? Well, don't...ask I mean...that's none of YOUR business! Why do you think they make voting stalls private with curtains or doors and put cardboard over your ballot until you drop it into the box! It's PRIVATE PEOPLE!! Now...having said that...I'll volunteer who I voted for....JOHN McCAIN!! I put more than two cents in...and there's a lot more that I could have commented on...but I won't. Just surfice it to say..I read all the news and claims and "fact checks"...about both candidates. I have great respect for John McCain. Like someone said..he's spent more time in a POW camp than Obama has in the Senate! Does that make him the best candidate? Probably not...but he has too many other things that do make him the best candidate! As for Obama..I'm sure he's a very nice man. Do I think he's the best for the job? No. Is it because he's black? No. Is it because I've yet to see how he's going to make all these "changes" he's talking about spicifically? Yes.

REGARDLESS...of who YOU are voting for...just be sure to VOTE! If you don't CAN'T BITCH!!!